I build a QR menu builder in 5 days using Bubble on an iPad Pro

Over de past ~4 years I build a lot of Bubble apps for clients or myself. This summer I was a bit burned out from all the building but still wanted to create a ‘side hustle’. I thought to myself what would I do if I wouldn’t know anything about building apps and I couldn’t use any “no-code knowledge”. I came across a script that was a QR menu builder and since I had already a perfect domain for it (Menu Cards) I thought this could be a nice project to try to market. Without building it myself I could completely focus on sales and marketing.

In the end, I got a lot of users (~150) and menu cards (~70) but not a lot of users (even the paying customers) were actually using the app. Because it was too difficult to quickly build a menu. Too many features a restaurant owner wouldn’t need. So I started a service to create menus as a service. But this quickly made me realize even more that the app I was selling was not something I would recommend to anyone. It took me 30 to 60 minutes to create a good menu.

After this realization, I talked with some friends about it and came to the conclusion to rebuild the app from scratch, strip anything that was unnecessary and add the features I was missing. Also, I just got the iPad Pro and wanted to test if I could build and design something using just the iPad.

What I liked is that it gives you a lot more focus. I was used to building on a Mac Mini + a 32” screen, yes 32 haha! So I always had multiple things open that could distract me. Also because of the M1 chip, everything was so fast!

(Even the plugin library loaded within a few seconds without turning the iPad into a toaster)

The design I mostly did from screenshots I gathered from Dribbble shots in combination with Sketching frames with the Apple Pencil. And because I now had the menu as a service, and created 20+ menus, I exactly knew what the process should be to easily create a menu. It was hard sometimes getting colors or getting the design right but inside Bubble, I was able to create a pretty good-looking design (I think).

After 5 full days of building, I changed the domain to point it to my bubble app and now it’s ready to build menus!

So far the users can:

  • Create menu items
  • Add extra’s and variations to the products
  • Divide the products into categories
  • Add tags like vegan, nuts, etc to the products (has no function now but will create filters to save allergies, etc for the customers)
  • Add tables and unique QR so when your customer scans it you know what table to serve
  • Online ordering straight from the table. You can even connect Stripe to receive online payments
  • Download QR codes (for now simple, custom generator coming soon)
  • Customers can see previous orders
  • And I’m probably missing some

I truly believe this is going to be the best QR menu builder out there. Maybe it’s not there yet (hé it’s just been 5 days of building) it will get there.

If you want to try it out: https://menu.cards

And thanks Bubble for making this happen! :smiley:


The landing page is a bit sparse in content to my taste. I’m not a restaurant owner, but I guess I would want to learn more about all the features you’re describing here on your landing page. Also, I’d probably emphasize the demo menu a bit more. It’s pretty cool that you have one – it’s less cool that I have to hover a small icon in the top-right corner to find it.

But besides that, I really like the idea! I guess it can be a very useful solution for your target customers. Best of luck with the project :rocket:

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Totally agree! I even launched the first 2.0 version with just a sign up field :smiley:

This version is mostly used by existing customers so now it’s time to work on the landingspage and marketing again!


Congrats man, a bit sparse indeed but a solid foundation it seems. I tested it on my phone and it works well. The grey swiping options for the categories on the menu, very nice and intuitive. Maybe let them stand out a little bit more. Other than that nothing, good stuff!

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Thanks, good to hear! :slight_smile:

Working today on a better menu view and experience:

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Neat and Smooth :ok_hand:

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Nicely done

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Good job looks pretty good. You can add a carousel view to user select list or cards

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Thanks! What do you mean?

Hi, can you explain the process of building a QR code connected to a table?