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Hello Bubblers,

As a UX Designer I use bubble for rapid prototyping as well as making production apps. Designing the same elements from scratch every time seemed like a waste of time and after building my 3rd app in bubble, I started making reusable UI components to speed up my workflow.

Recently I took the time to tidy up one those components and share it as a template for free. You can find it here. Its pending approval from the bubble team as I have submitted it today.

I am planning on releasing more and making this into a series on

Here are the next few components I plan on releasing within the month:

  • Responsive Layout & Grid
  • Responsive Header
  • Hero Component
  • Buttons

That being said I would love to hear from you bubblers, what do need help with the most when it comes to designing in bubble? Also what do you all thing of the first component?



Nice work. I was expecting Bubble’s next major design release to include the ability to select prebuilt responsive layouts from a menu for each standard page size - maybe I’m wrong, I just had it in my mind that’s the direction they would take looking at their competitors and listening to their users who have problems implementing responsiveness.

The Hero component is something that is always a bit tricky to get responsive if you are using Bubble for your public facing pages. I usually just have my separate mobile design for that instead of trying to make it work.


Thanks! And yes, an intuitive responsive layout builder is something we desperately need in bubble and I hope the bubble team does something about it. It is difficult to find the balance between making existing UI elements responsive vs creating new ui elements for mobile and toggling visibility back and forth based on screen size. I have struggled a lot with responsive header and hero components and have a few tricks that I can share. Will be releasing those components next.

Thanks for this, I’m horrible with UX and UI, mainly design in general, but this should help.


I want to see more than 400+ components of different variations from cards to analytics boxes , charts, side bards ,various buttons , tables, profiles etc. UI patterns are vey big thing if we can get that here would be great.

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Thats the end goal, but I want to share bits and pieces of the library along the away :slight_smile:

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Design can be challenging, it gets easier with time.

It will actually help many bubblers. Considering some of the elements are a bit old fashioned. :grin:


Very nice! I signed up for your newsletter. Looking forward to what’s coming.

Hopefully it helps bubblers make more visually appealing and user friendly apps :slight_smile:

Awesome! Welcome aboard. You should’ve already gotten an email with early access link to the input element component while bubble team work on publishing it as a template. I will update everyone here once its approved and live on bubble marketplace.

I am so excited to work on more design resources like this.


That’s awesome! I am facing the same challenge and i would definitely vote up the responsive header :smiley:

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Perfect, responsive hero and responsive header components will be released this month!


This component is live and approved for use by Bubble.

The second component (Responsive Hero) is live and approved for use by Bubble as well

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!