I cannot search for user

I have a datatype called Customers and it holds all approved and unapproved customers of all stores in my application, I want the cashier to be able to look up users by their phone numbers, I’ve been able to make it so that cashier can look up users of their store by their account number which is in the Customers data type, but for the life of me, I can’t seem to get the search box to let the cashier look up users of their store by their phone number

This is the customer datatype:

of course, the data in the customer’s data type is feeding from the Users data type

I have removed all privacy rules just to see if it will work, but it’s not working

Hi @phoenixideas3 I looked at the video and on the data types, the user type says “privacy rules applied”, I’ve found that on newly created bubble apps, all user information is locked to the current user only, could you share a screenshot of the User type privacy rules?

This is for user type

This is for customers:

Have you tried activating “Everyone else (default permissions)” view all fields and find in searches? Just to rule out it’s not an apps problem but a roles problem?

The actual problem might be related to the “Cashier” role, are roles set from an “option set”? I don’t see them as a Data Type.

Yes I tried it and its the same thing

Roles are set from an option set

Also, when I search for users, that works, I;m able to search for their phone number, but the problem is when I try to search for customers, I’m not able to access their phone number

@aestela Hey man, I fixed it, turns out I had to add a isApproved field to the user datatype

Thanks for your help

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