I cannot see Google Pay, Apple Pay and PayPal on stripe checkout page

Dear Bubblers!
I used the Stipe plugin built by Bubble in a project. It redirects the user to the stripe checkout page and works as it should. However, I cannot see Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Paypal on the checkout page!
They are enabled in the stripe dashboard.

What am I doing wrong?

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Do you use the API connector or a plug-in?

I know most plug-ins dont offer not Very much options. I needed Ideal payments (populair in the Netherlands). And i used the plugin from @doug.burden, he helped me set it up. Really a helpfull plugin + the best support.

Would recommand him!

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The Bubble’s official stripe plugin.

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hey @mahyartech , did you figure out how to ativate Paypal on stripe checkout page?

Hi @moundir.rohmat ,
No I didn’t figure it out. I had to use separate plugin for Paypal.

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Our plugin supports apple pay :+1:

Did anyone manage to figure this out? If so, I’d love to know the solution…