I can't change my site description for SEO / Social Networks

I’ve tried editing the Facebook description in the SEO settings and I changed the description for every page as well, but it still displays the Bubble description in the source code and when I share it. Any help?

Hi! Rodrigo from http:bluflame.xyz here,

I solved this issue some time ago, check if this past threat helps you: SEO doesn't actualize


Nope, it still has the bubble description.

Hi @rolwesg :slight_smile: Welcome to Bubble! Can you share a link to the app editor?

I wonder if it depends on what plan you are on.

Fetching new scrape information still doesn’t update my changes made to the SEO & Metatags tab in Bubble. Is there some kind of delay between Bubble and Facebook?

EDIT: My mistake, I forgot to redeploy.

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