SEO "Description" text showing bubble's text

I changed the Description to show my own text whenever my website link is shared, but it still keeps showing bubbles description (Bubble introduces a new way…).


Try refreshing the data.

This feature is only available on paid plans… Is your app on a paid plan?

i am on a paid plan

As @marcusandrews suggests, do test/refresh data (just below those settings). This will open Facebook’s developer console interface. Click “Fetch new scrape data” there.

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But i want it not only for facebook, also for telegram and whats app channels, same problem there

Ah. You’ll find similar settings on every page object. That’s probably what you’re looking for.

tried that too, problem persists

Just to state the obvious – since I miss the obvious myself sometimes – you are pushing these changes to Live, or checking facebook against version-test, right?

both, same issue

Have you gone to the bottom of every page and filled it out?

not every, only for the index page is what im trying to share

Might be good to wait it out, at least 24 hours. Then maybe consider sending a bug report.