I can't send email with pdf

Hello everyone, I need help with the following: I need to send the mail to all the users who enter the page. However, it does not send me the mail. I am currently using SELECT PDF PLUGIN. The problem is it doesn’t send the mail and if you know of a plugin that takes the pdf of the current page I would appreciate it

This the video from loom: https://loom.com/share/1c22f4df56ef4342b5be750e7d4b2090

It might be not enough time for generating PDF. The send email action might not wait until the PDF is generated. You can debug the workflow and go step by step - in this case the PDF action might have enough time and will return file to the email action. If that will happen - the email with the attachment will be sent.

One of the ways to make the workflow work - you can save the pdf in the database (even temporary) and create an API workflow that is triggered with the DB change. So when the file is saved on a thing - it will be triggered and send the email with the attachment.

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