PDF Conjurer sending by email

Hey guys :slight_smile:
I’m using PDF conjurer, the worklow is building pdf with start PDF…other steps until PDF is ready. then i want to send the pdf in an email. When triggering the worklow, the pdf is downloaded on trigger, and an email is not sent.
I would like an email to be sent with the PDF as an attachment instead of downloading.
Important to note that in the email I am also attaching PDF Models A’s Saved PDF saved to S3, as well as the url im the description.
Has anyone run into this problem in the past?

Thanks in advance!

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Hei @liad @J805 @thibault4
did you solve this problem?

Hey @gianlucabiancardi96 :wave:

Can you share a screenshot so we can help?

Hei @J805 thanks for reaching out

Hei guys I m trying to use this plug in but I m having little difficulty in sending an email with such plugin.

So in my case there is these weird logics:

  1. If i want to generate a normal PDF it works fine.
    When I add in the workflow the “send email” action with the attached PDF it doesn’t work. More specifically the email is sent, but only with the body written by me but without the PDF.
    Here the attachments:

  1. Otherwise, if I click a second time the button that trigger the workflow it will send me the email BUT with the first pdf of the first “click” workflow.

Don’t know if I was clear…

If you want I ll do a quick video

Plus I noticed by checking the Step-by-step actions de-bugger, once I click the button that allow the start of the workflow, even if I m at the “Start PDF model B” I already receive the email.

That’s weird cause I did not even arrive to that “send email” action. It seems that the workflow bypass the plugin actions (or it works on it on a later stage).

Yes. There is a different workflow that you need to trigger after the pdf has been created. The rest of the workflow needs to be done after the pdf has been created. It’s a different workflow. Does that make sense?

Mmm not sure I got it right.
You mean I should create:

Workflow 1: Start PDF model B
Workflow 2: “Add text to Model B” + “Conjurer PDF model B” + “send email”

That’s what you mean?

Sorry, I didn’t say it right. This is what I mean.


Then, here is the piece that you are missing.

Then send the email:

Does that help @gianlucabiancardi96 ?

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@J805 You are the MAN :partying_face:
It worked!

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