I don't know how to make it work under certain conditions

Since I am using translation, the sentence may be a little strange

When the value of the field in the database is 1, please tell me how to make the background color of the group purple.


Welcome to Bubble,

With regards to your question, do you mean a Cell? If so it’s super easy!

In the conditions, you would define a condition dependent on the query. For example below, if my datafield CAD’s Caller is “Bob”, then the background style should be set to flat colour, and a background colour should be applied. This will only apply for that specific cell in the repeating group,


I hope this helps?

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Thank you very much for your reply
I’m about to do it, so I haven’t solved it yet, but I have one question.
If it’s troublesome, you don’t have to answer
I want you to tell me how to know this!

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No worries, let me know how it goes! :slight_smile:

Haha, first of all, try the tutorials Bubble offers, you can also refer to the manual - https://manual.bubble.io/, very useful for different callbacks!

You can always message me too, happy to answer any questions :open_mouth:

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I am sorry
I tried it,
I can’t enter the part called bob after “is”
What should I do?

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When you get to the “is” part, just type and press enter, failing that can you show me a screenshot of what you’re doing please :slight_smile:

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I am sorry
Nothing happens when I teach enter

I’m sorry I asked you many times

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