I know I keep asking but I really need help

Hi, I know I keep asking the same question on here but I really need help on this and I have yet to have a reply either on here or through the ‘contact us’ function. I can not progress until I have learned how to do this part. I have read and searched through the help pages and academy but I would be very grateful if someone could point me directly to the info I need if possible as I have either overlooked it or what I am trying is not possible (more likely I have overlooked it).

Hi, I have got to the point where I can click on a database (materials) item that is showing in a repeating group and have that data push trough to a pop-up for me to edit. The edit pop-up loads the date in to several inputs in the pop-up, of which 3 are drop-down menus.

I can get the data into the drop down menu (eventually) and all displays as expected. The problem I am now struggling with is now when I select the drop down menu to choose a different option it is showing me all the items in the ‘materials database > suppliers name’. Which is where it fetched the data from. If I want to update the supplier I need the dropdown to point to the ‘Suppliers’ database, ‘Name’ field.

If I Change it to look in the Suppliers database for the new value then it doesn’t push the date from the materials database when you initially press edit.

Any ideas what I need to do? Thanks Gavin

What you’re trying to to is completely possible, it just doesn’t make any sense cause there’s no screenshots or anything :laughing:

What exactly do you want to happen, that isn’t happening?

I did have screen shots in previous asking of this question. I will do a screen recording tomorrow and add it. Thank you for your reply.

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It would be more efficient in the future to just comment on your previous post with additional details instead of starting a brand new thread with the same question. It’ll bump it back to the top like a new post and hopefully get someone’s attention who’s able to help.

Ok, thanks for the info. Will do that in the future.

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