Pop up Dropdowns

Hope someone can help me here…

I’ve created a pop up for adding items to a repeating group…Followed Gregory’s podcast).

The pop up’s type of content is supplier.

The group’s content inside the pop up is supplier with data source of parent group’s supplier…

A dropdown within the group is pointing to option sets because I need an external source containing choices to select from.

I’ve overlayed the drop down with an input which points to the supplier type in the DB, returning the inputted choice that has been selected for the current cell.

Creating a thing works fine but when editing the line and clicking update, it creates a new item instead of updating without showing the input’s value, even though the input clearly shows it before hitting update…

I’ve also split the workflow on the create/update button and referenced 'only when pop up’s supplier is empty for creating /not empty for updating.

I think the problem lies with the dropdown being of an external source and not the same as the supplier, am I right?

If so, how can I present a dropdown from an external source within the pop up and then edit the database?

Problems Problems :roll_eyes:

It Can’t be the external source (option sets) causing the problem because I just changed the dropdown to static choices and it still created a new thing instead of updating