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I launched a newsletter on Bubble!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Jordan, and I’m a coach with Bubble.

I’ve recently started a newsletter to share more on nocode and Bubble tips. I’ve also recently shared my thoughts on the Bubble pricing change. Please give a read and subscribe for more content like this!


Hey @nocodejordan

I’m curious about what you say in this post about Bubble’s pricing. You said

The good thing is that all paid apps have 100k free development WUs per month, which will incentivise creators to not worry too much when doing development and testing.

I thought it was just 100k and not each month. Can you confirm that with a reference/link?

The only reason I bring it up is because I wanted to contact @josh about it to verify. I’m a little confused about that. :blush: Maybe he can answer here for us.

Josh said it himself.

Thanks for the link. It sure is hidden. Thanks :+1: Glad he updated his original post to be more clear. Hard to sift through all the messages to find the posts from Bubble.

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Hey Bubblers,

Decided to start updating this thread weekly on my posts :slight_smile: This week’s tip is on recursive workflows and i’m experimenting with an interactive demo format. Please try it out and let me know if you have any feedback!

Hey Bubblers,

This week’s tip is on custom states. Check out the post for an interactive demo on how to set up a custom state!

Hey Bubblers,

Following last week’s post on custom states, I go through URL parameters this week. Very handy tool for building your dashboard in Bubble!

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Hey Bubblers,
Today’s post is an exciting one…I share how to build a coaching AI app with ChatGPT streaming and Bubble. Many thanks to @launchable for the awesome plugin!
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I’m using an interactive demo format that you can click and follow along. Click the link to view the post!