I lost buttons workflows after moving them inside a group

Is this normal? what am I missing because now it seems I need to make workflows from scratch now.

Any help? thanks

There are several copy / paste functions within Bubble. When selecting objects on the design tab, it’s important to know which function you’re using.

  • Copy / Paste: for simple, non-workflow things (ex. copy a shape).
  • Copy with Workflows / Paste with Workflows: for preserving the directly-connected workflows affiliated with the element(s).
  • Copy Conditional Formatting / Paste Conditional Formatting: for taking the conditional formatting of one element and directly applying it to another.
  • Copy Style / Paste Style: for applying either a pre-defined style or current element’s style between elements (note: this only impacts conditional formatting associated with pre-defined styles).

If you use the common keyboard shortcut ⌘+C / ⌘+V, that is only a simple copy, paste. But if you want to preserve workflows of a thing you’re copying, then you have to use the copy / paste with workflows action.