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I´m Building a Employee Break Management App

Hey !

I’m building an Employee Break Management App where employees can request to take a break and the system automatically manages how many employees are on break, how much time they spent, etc.
Cool for callcenters for example or any large team.

Tell me what you think of this app idea :smile:

Usually its part of CRM system, there users press button im going on brake and everybody see it in the system.


For Call (contact centres) already tend to use this type of app extensivily just an FYI. Known as Workforce Management (WFM). it already goes far beyond break management to include resorce planning …generally linked to historical contact volumes and make predictions on staffing required. Example vendor offering the whole WFM bundle per us is £9 MRC


Thanks for your input !
I made this app for a company that then decided they didn’t want want this kind of solution. They are managing their breaks with a pen and paper method :sneezing_face:.

This is not the first company that I see that has this need, my own company (a multinational of the telecommunications industry) has several systems like Collab and what so, but the break management system is a custom one made in MS Access.

Maybe there’s an hidden need for this kind of simple system…
Lets see, the work is already done, maybe it can serve someone good :smile:
Thanks again for your input !

I believe there is still niche market for specific requirements that can not be addressed by those generic products. A friend of mine created a salesforce mgt (a generic well known system) with specific concepts to address specific character in my country, and yes, the business run quite well.

The key point is to define the specific requirements and create its solution, then the value is there. And that’s the beauty of bubble, i think…it allows us to focus more to this higher level.