Need Help, Want to create custom CRM for my business

I own a massage biz and i have been using the arm software thats already out there and not happy with any of it and its really expensive. I have certain aspects that i need to create and would love to have some friendly help. I know what i want just not sure how to make it. I want to do it myself but NEED collaboration on this.

Please chime in if you have had any experience creating a CRM

Hi there. I just built a CRM using bubble for a real estate client (tenant management), previously worked as a PM for an SMB CRM a couple years ago, and designed the backend of a mental healthcare app to function like one. (I really like CRM’s). I’m curious what your goals and needs are. Feel free to shoot me an email.

Hey there @massagenowheber

I know this is not what you asked specifically for, and I’m sorry if I’m ruining an opportunity for a Bubble developer here, but just wanted to chip in that we’re using a CRM called Insightly, and I’m pretty happy with it. It’s freemium, so depending on your business you might get away from paying anything. It supports custom fields, etc, and the API speaks just fine with Bubble (I’ve used it myself) if you want to customize further.

Developing a custom CRM sounds like a big project, so I’d feel bad if I didn’t mention this.

Will I need to talk to you about this can you check your email I sent you my phone number

We just shipped a CRM for a healthcare company built from scratch in bubble. Happy to provide a demo if required. I’v worked with multiple CRMs and understand the lead management cycle fairly well.

If you could share your requirements on, I’ll be happy to assist you.



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