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Hi, I am new here. When I started to use bubble, I realized that I need to use plugins to make my life easier. I found many useful zeroqode plugins, but I couldn’t find any plugins that may help with the following questions. I am hoping that someone from the forum can help me. I wanted to do the following without any plugins. I want to challenge myself but I need your help. I am no coder and I have no experience in bubble. Please be patient with me. I tried to look for answers for my questions but I didn’t understand/ didn’t get it. That’s why I am asking from you to help me and please give me instructions so I can get everything right.

Can someone tell me IN STEPS please:

  1. I need to create a page that is like this. I think I know how to do some things in general but I am not sure 100% and I don’t know what to do after I added a button. I need to make sure of what I am doing. (My Priorities: 1. The uploaded files to be viewed like this with the icon above the file name and a download button below it 2. I select who can view them)
  2. How can I create a popup like this after I click on the “New daily log” button? (Priorities: To input Text (the “Notes” section) and the creator of the log can change the permissions of who can view and edit the log (I would like to achieve this by using the account’s email)

    And of course a “add attachments” button so the creator can upload files to the log being created.
  3. How can I let only a chosen user to see the “new daily log” button?
  4. How can I from an admin dashboard that I create specify the permissions of a user (If he can be a creator (he can add daily logs, edit or delete) or a normal user that can only view the daily logs? I need the creator to override the permissions of a normal user and choose if he can see a specific log.

I really appreciate any help I can get. I know this may be silly or any user should know how to do this but as I said before I am new here. The forum is to help people and the people who got help can help other people and so on. I really appreciate any help from the community and I hope I get the answers I need.

Thanks in advance!!

Hey Grace, thanks for stopping by the channel, and welcome to the forums :slight_smile:

I think the questions you have posted are at such a high level, it’s difficult to answer them briefly. I think what you need is a bit of training and practice and getting to know Bubble. If you need to fasttrack it, there are excellent coaches that you can find by posting in the freelance section of the forum, or you can enjoy your journey and read through the forums here for leads.

Though your questions would require quite a bit of time to answer, I can at least give you starting points for each of your questions - after, it would probably be easier for us volunteers to help you if you keep your questions very specific, short and provide screenshots in support. Since you asked on the channel, I thought I’d help exceptionally - I wouldn’t normally have the time to answer such sweeping questions.

1.1) The layout you’re asking for isn’t a problem, forcing the download seems to be. I’ve yet to find a workable solution for forcing a download instead of navigating. Using the download parameter in < a > tag doesn’t work on Bubble, to my knowledge. I do have a current project with this requirement, the next thing I’m trying is this: https://bubble.io/plugin/file-downloader-1539124824422x194279356396994560
Perhaps you can let me know if it worked, or vice versa.

1.2) Selecting who can view files is best done through the privacy roles/rules. You can start here: https://manual.bubble.io/working-with-data/privacy-and-security, the repeating group will only load the files you allow.

  1. Use the element popup, or learn how to build an SPA. You can start here: What do you think...single page vs multi page?
    You can load in the current user, add permissions to the user type, and build out your checkboxes to modify those. You can use the new permissions in tandem with the privacy rules to control who can see what.

  2. The first step would be to define it to yourself in clear English, then build out the privacy roles.

  3. If you built out permissions fields for users, you can edit them the same way you edit any other data field.

Most of your questions seem to revolve around privacy roles, and the best way to get somewhere is trial and error. Build out your own tests to figure out what works and doesn’t. If you get stuck and have more specific questions with screenshots, post them here.

Hello, thanks for taking the time to help me. I appreciate it. Since I posted on the forum, I’ve done the popup and everything. I am using the plugin that you have mentioned and I think it is working properly. Above the download button, I have put the name of the file that is uploaded linked to the file’s URL. What is weird is that when I click on the name of the files this appears although I checked there is nothing wrong in my workflows.
Link 1

Recently, I have realized that the file’s UR is the file’s name. I don’t know if that makes sense, and I think this is what is causing this problem but I don’t know how to fix it. Can you please tell me how?

Now what is left is the permissions and “files” page. I wanted to add a group in the popup where the user uploads files,text…containing the permissions box as shown in this image.

In the “files” page, it will be divided into 3 parts: Documents, Photos, Videos.
I want the uploaded documents (pdf, word, excel) to be shown in the “documents” part, the uploaded photos (JPG, PNG) in the “photos” part, and the uploaded videos in the “Videos” part. And is it possible to create folders?
(Documents Part)

(Photos Part)

Any more help would be appreciated!
Thanks in advance.

On upload, make sure you store the file to your Bubble app: make changes to thing - field = "this file uploader’s value :saved to s3. Try that and see if the stored url changes to an aws (s3) address.

Thank you for your help. There was a mistake in the repeating group. Now it is working!

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@duke.severn can you help me with the file listing please?

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