I need guidance doing the following

I’m creating this to-do list app:

I am just learning to work with a repeating group, and I’m trying to set up the following workflows unsuccessfully:

  1. Move up = moves cell down one step
  2. Move down = moves cell down one step
  3. Bottom = moves cell to the bottom of the repeating group
  4. Clear this list = clears all the cells out so there’s no list at all
  5. Refresh this list = removes all the checked items on the to-do list so the list is up-to-date

I’ve been trying many scenarios, but not to complicate things with my own (likely) awful steps, can I just request some guidance how to accomplish these?

Thanks ahead.

Hi! Can you show the database organization for the records you want to display in RG as you mention here?

And one step ahead - check Orchestra plugin Orchestra (repeating group addon) Plugin | Bubble - looks like you should try to use it:)

Yes, certainly I could, but there’s really only one data type there called “tasks” and the input for them would be just the to-do items the user (I) create via the single input element on the page.
It’s a very basic app I plan to use myself, you see.

I’ve seen the description for Orchestra plugin. It looks promising so I’ll look closer. Thanks a lot.

The problem you will met is not only shifting data in between rows in RG - looks like you will need to use additional number in your database to align all the “tasks” in between (in case you wish to shift it in RG) - that why I’m asking only. I will try to make as possible

So first step done - we are able to refresh the list and clear it all;)
Second step is done as well. Now you are able to shift in between also

editor - view mode - check data base as well

Preview - just add some for testing

Check it and revert if any question @girl-fi

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@girl-fi Hi! So how is it goes? All done?

No. :smiley: I couldn’t see how to use the plugin I downloaded so I went on YouTube to see a how-to video. It was in Spanish. I’m going to see if there are other English videos now but… :upside_down_face:

Oh! Just check the links upstairs - all done there - you have access to editor and you are able to see how it’s done as well

You’re the man! Thanks so much. I’ll study it to see what you did there. Any problem, I will come into your DM, if I may?

Yes, your are always welcome :wink:

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