Filter tasks from a list on repeating group to display on each row

Hi, everyone.

I have a repeating group that displays tasks. The tasks are loaded from the database. How do I list each task on a seperate row? i.e I want to know who created each task and the timestamp for each task.

I know how to do this when I use a repeating group searching for tasks regularly without a list.

Hey @nocodeventure

Could you share some screenshots of the setup e.g. current RG and the data type structure.

But essentially what you could do is using a Repeating Group within a Repeating Group. So the master Repeating Group (parent) will have the tasks and then inside the cell of that will be another Repeating Group (the child), which can use the current cells tasks and can display each item as a row. Hopefully I’ve understood your question right, let me know.

Check the image. This repeating group is searching for tasks. But the tasks are not defined as a list in the database so this solution works. If I search from tasks that are inside a list I will get all of the lists on one row. Which is not what I want.

I’ll try the master group idea.


Here is a very simple example:

Do you have the editor link for me thankyou?

Ah yeah sure thing, forgot about that:

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Will check, thank you I appreciate it.

I got it working by following above editor guidelines. Just not sure how I can target each row to delete a sub task. With my previous setup I had > Delete Parent group task, that doesn’t seem to work.

@luke2 do you know how to target each row and delete it? I had it working with regular tasks but now I can’t seem to target each row.

I’m trying to make changes to a thing and remove it from list but it doesn’t let me target the cell

I’ve updated the editor, feel free to test on the frontend…

Thanks all, I got it working.