I need help with creating an app with option to let users handwrite in txt

Hii guys! My name is Fiona, I am 21 years old and I am a student in California. I got an idea for a new app and need help for that. I never created an app before and so many people tell me it’s more complicated than I think, so I am asking for help. I cannot pay anyone, but if anyone is willing to help me, I would so much appreciate it and am more than willing to help you, in case you need help with design ideas etc. (since I am a creator).

So, what my app needs would be the option to let users be able to handwrite in the text I want to publish. For example if I post there studies about social behaviors, the user should be ale to use either his/her finger or his/ her apple pen to circle, highlight, write,… in the text.

Thank you so much for every help!


Hi @fiona.leitner2002
this plugin may help you little bit :