I need help with templates

Can someone tell me if I can buy and use a zeroqode template if I’m using the free version of bubble? Or do I need to be in a paid plan to buy and use a template?

You’ll want to be on a paid plan eventually most likely. But you don’t Have to be

thanks! Another thing, when I try to buy a template from zeroqode, it says that is free, even tho is 249. Do you know something about it?

Hey Levon here from Zeroqode
which template you trying to buy?

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hi, I’m trying to buy the udemy template, but when I press to buy, it says that is free and that now I have it in my tamplates. Then, when I check my tamplates, it’s not there.

I’d suggest you to record a loom screencast (loom.com) and send it to Bubble support at support@bubble.io
They should be able to help you out with this