I PAY / product variant in the style of SHOPIFY

Hi there

I want to offer a job to someone who will help me enable my clients to upload a product containing multiple options and values
exemple :
-Product is a shirt that has 3 colors (green yellow red).
→ Shirt Green has 2 different sizes L and XXL.
—>There are 4 green shirts available in the size XXL and 5 green shirts available in size L.
----> size XXL is 9$ whereas Size L is 5$.

I am creating the design myself so I just need help putting the database and everything in order.

Your price is mine (just know I’m not rich…yet)

Thank you all

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Hi Graziella,
So you want modify only products’ database?

Hey, no I want my clients to be able to upload a product with options and values as I said.
I want someone to help with the workflows and database

I’ll PM you now.

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I have sent you a PM concerning the deliverables for this task.

I have sent you a PM. Please confirm now.