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I want Bubble to load the last item of my current user, not just the last item?

Hi Bubble fans,

I build a form with 5 input fields. When I want to display the answered questions on the last page I have a problem.

I want to display the last answers of my current user but instead it is just displaying the last know answer (which is from the previous user who filled out the complete form).

How can I let Bubble display the last known answer form my current user?

Thanks for your help!



Last item refers to the last item in the database, rather than the ‘previous’ item.

So say you have a field named Question 1 and this saves Question 1’s answer to the database.

You should be able to display this on the second screen using a string such as:
‘Current user’s Question 1’s Value’


I think I fixed it, your comment set me on the wright track thanks.

You should add an extra constraint (by clicking ‘search for…’ in the field where you add dynamic data)

Click add a new constraint

‘Created by = Current user’

This way it displays the last item from the current user.