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I want to create a chat function on my instagram clone

Hi, I am new to Bubble so sorry if it seems obvious.

I am creating an instagram type clone for books. I have set up a function where users can click a message icon on a specific post. I have set it up to create a new chat which includes the current user and the current cell’s creator. I have created a separate chatportal page that I want to navigate the current user to. However, I can’t seem to figure out what data I need to send to the chat portal page, as I need the current cell’s creator and the current user.

I also want to set it up in such a way, that a new chat is only created when a chat does not already exist between the current user and the current post’s creator. In this case, I want to navigate the current user to the chatportal with the existing chat between them. I also can’t seem to figure out how to set this up.

Thanks for any help

When I first needed to learn how to create a chat function I installed a free chat template to learn how it was set up and then created my own.

I have since created a messenger template that seems to really fit with your needs in terms of how chats get started and the data you might want to send along with it. It is completely mobile responsive and affordable. Easily integrated into existing projects.

If you want to spend the time it takes to create your own or have already, then definitely install a free template to see the backend of it; best way to learn for me was to pick apart other applications.

Thanks I’ll try and find a free one.

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If you’re still looking for a chat function, do try out AtomChat. It’s affordable, quick to install and use and has features like text-chat, voice and video call features all integrated!


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