I want to create a way users can automatic pay each other with a click of a button

if i wanted to create a way users could automatic pay other users if they clicked a button how could i set that up ? anyone can answer…help me please lol

Well… that simple requirement has a rather complex answer. It’s made even more complex by that fact that I’ve got no clue what you’ve tried already and your level of Bubble knowledge (or programming).

Could you expand on your question? What have you tried already? What’s specifically holding you back?

Okay basically I just started bubble a few days ago I’ve been watching you tube videos I’ve never coded or anything before but so far bubble is pretty easy to use…

And for my question I would start with basically I need a way I can allow users to pay each other money like they could set up their bank info and other members can pay for something off of their profile

And I’ve tried using a payment plugin and create a workflow from that but I don’t know how to set it up to where I’m not receiving the pay the other user is… I’m guessing it has something to do with the group users api but I’m not really sure

@briinicolemusic Hi, welcome to the forums, so happy you decided to join us :slight_smile: As Rico mentioned, that’s a complex answer. I think to get yourself started you could look at Stripe Connect. What you want is called a two-sided marketplace, which involves setting up a Stripe account for yourself, so that you can accept payments, connect to other stripe accounts and pay them out automatically. There are alternatives, but Connect seems to be the best “documented” and there are courses available for that.

@J805 @Nocodify do you guys offer 1:1 coaching for two-sided marketplaces? @copilot also offers paid courses on using Stripe, and I know their plugin has some Connect functionality, perhaps you guys can link them here if you have one for two-sided marketplaces.

Further, there are a number of templates that should come with that functionality out of the box. If you’re on a budget, you can search through the forum to learn about the API connector, and build your own solution by learning how to hook up APIs. With this in mind, you can start googling away, and I am certain that with a few (many) hours of banging your head against the wall, you’ll make a big enough hole to see the light :wink: Best of luck, and if you have specific questions along the way, feel free to tag me and I or other members of this fantabulous community will help any way we can.

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Hey @duke.severn thanks for the ping!


I do do coaching/tutoring using the Bubble plugin for Stripe as well as using the Stripe.js plugin.

It doesn’t just take one hour though. It would take multiple sessions depending on how complex they need things.

The Bubble plugin for Stripe is the easiest with just letting Stripe do everything for you. Otherwise going through a custom setup with Stripe.js will take longer since the fields have to match up exactly and there may be debugging if it isn’t set up correctly before the session.

I’m happy to help though! :blush:

:+1: I’m sure the good souls at Bubble love to hear that feedback.

:+1: @briinicolemusic looks like the community has already taken you in.

In case you’re seeking out more courses, I would highly recommend Brent’s course. It taught me everything I needed when I got started.

thank you so much! @duke.severn im about to try it out and see what happens and brainstorm a little bit and figure it out right now. I thank you for the info it really helped me understand what im trying to do a little more lol im about to try it out now and i might consider a course also.

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