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Stripe Connect - to pay users

Does bubble support Stripe Connect so that payouts can be made to users, rather than just processing payments from users?

If not, is there another way to do this in Bubble?

Yes… there are several plugins for this, or it can be done directly through Stripe’s API.

There must be dozens/hundreds of forum posts about it too, so I’m sure you’ll find most of what you need to know in here (or in the bubble manual: Stripe - Bubble Docs), but if there are any specific questions you have, or problems setting things up then I’m sure someone will be able to help you out.

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Dang you are right, I don’t know how I missed it while searching before but there are indeed a bunch of relevant results when I search today. I must have been on meth.

Thanks for humoring me anyway and helping me out, sorry about that. I’ll put in more due-diligence next time.

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