Display list in repeated group on multiple lines

I’m having problems with showcasing a list in a repeatable group. Basically, it’s showcasing the list on one line. I want it to be sepearted throughout the repeated group.

Example of what I want:




instead of this below where everything is on oneline:

Here’s my Data

  • Title:text


  • allLectures: List of Lectures
  • Major: text

Design part:

Hopefully someone can help.

Each group will display all items of a certain thing. so if you have a program which has Name, Date, Lesson, etc, you can just put each in their own dynamic string of text on their own line and put visual dividers between them. make sure that you check the box to expand the element so that each program doesnt have to be the same height if more info is added.

here is the recreation. hope this helps

Editable app

I understand how to display items like that. The difference between what you linked to and my app is mine has a list.

Lecture thing

  • Title:text

Program thing

  • allLectures: List of Lectures
  • Major: text

So basically I manually create a program (such as Computer Science) through the data tab. And then in my workflow a new lecture is created:

Then I add that lecture to a particular Programs list:

And then when I try to display it only showcases on one line. Instead of dividing the content like it normally would. ;( Thanks for the help by the way!

ok im not sure im am totally understanding because I cant access the app but i have a question for you.
if you are trying to change a list of lectures underneath a certain program, then shouldnt you be changing the thing program (not a list of programs) and the select Alllectures and use -add result of step 1? the program contains the list you are adding to but is not a list itself correct?

Am I heading in the right direction in rebuilding this?


Okay solved it. You lead me in the right direction to rethinking my logic. Was doing everything right expect for the just final query. Was querying it to showcase each programs lectures together (I should’ve recognized that). And yes, your solution was exactly what I was looking for!

How did you make everything editable so I can share my solution? Thanks so much for the help by the way!


Glad I could help! That editable link is an app for everyone to use. If you go to it and create a new page you can share problems or help that way. You can also see all the pages everyone else has created.

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Dont want to start another thread for this, but i have a similar problem.

I have Documents on a User that I want to display in a repeating group. The problem is that it will list all the documents in the list and therefor downloading or viewing doesnt work. I use the multifile uploader to create a list of documents and when viewing them in a browser i get a list of urls (comma separated). Tried the solution above, without success :frowning:


did you figure something out? The previous solution seems to not work anymore.

@vincent56 @bablbooks is something like this what you are looking to have in your app?



In this forum example, there is a a List of Documents within the User. One way to have each Document separated into cells is to use a nested repeating group. To do this, you’d created one repeating group which does a search for Users. Within that repeating group’s first cell is another repeating group (type: Document, Data Source: Current cell User’s List of Documents). Then you can place a text element with the dynamic expression “Current cell’s Documents Title” in the first cell, and a download icon (or anything of your choice). An alternative (on the right side) is to have a Repeating Group displaying Documents, and the Data Source is determined by the Dropdown of User’s values. The data source for it would then be “Dropdown Select a User’s List of Documents”. If you need any help setting this up in your app please feel free to let me know. :slight_smile:

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Anyone looking for a solution in the future–try “merging with” in data source. It worked for me! :smiley: