I want to reference a the cell I clicked on in a popup

is how im displaying some data, now when I click on this, it brings up a popup (below) i copied the above into the popup and I want it to reference the current cell.

I’m confused on how to linkt the data here - I have a workflow that will show this popup upon click but I can’t seem to reference the specific cells data here…

Not knowing exactly what your workflow looks like, are you passing the data to the popup? There may be more than one way to do it, but I usually show the popup and then use the Display data action to display the parent group’s [whatever] in the popup. At that point, you should be able to reference the data in the popup. Hope this helps.


When one of the repeating group elements (top image) Is clicked above, I have a workflow to show the popup, i copied the dynamic data from the repeating group which automatically made it Parent’s group’s resource etc, but im not sure how to link the two or to make a parent/child relationship

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