I will pay someone a lot of money for a rich text editor that actually works

We’ve tried all of the available rich text editor plugins…all of them. And they all fall short. Mostly they fall short when trying to copy and paste. RTE Editor is the best so far but gets very buggy for almost no reason in live mode. If we leave Bubble it will be for this reason.

I leave that with you. Get to work. :slight_smile:

Hi @maryfox20

Most text editors come from existing library. Maybe if you can find a good one you can invest to make a better plugin?

Second, have you contact RTE Editor owner @levon and offer him some incentive to fix all ‘bugs’?

As a point of clarification, I’m not going to be contracting someone to build it. The community needs one that actually works.

I’ll contact @levon separately and am glad they’ve created the best version so far. Ideally this would be native in bubble anyway.

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Hi @maryfox20

Maybe this new plugin will help :wink:


Too funny, @JohnMark. I remembered this post, too, and I was literally minutes away from responding to it and linking to the post with the new plugin. Great minds, perhaps? Or just folks with too much time on their hands and good memories for random things? Eh, let’s go with great minds. :slight_smile:



Either way, I appreciate you both. :slight_smile: I’ll check it out.