I will pay to receive answers

Bubble has paid support to help during my development period? Because I’m not receiving any help on the forum.

Bubble doesn’t offer paid support, but there are plenty of knowledgeable people who do (and probably some who aren’t so knowledgeable). Most of the people who provide training courses, videos, etc. also offer 1:1 consulting services so if you want help those are the places to go.

In my experience, the better the training course and the more valuable feedback someone has provided in the forum, the more likely they are to be a high-quality coach.


I might suggest you may need to put more time and effort into searching and reading the forum posts pertinent to the questions you are raising… There Is a wealth of knowledge but you have to take the time to read through the content. If you Wanna circumvent that… Pay for one-to-one coaching but i would caveat that with you will need a solid understanding of the basics in order to derive maximum value for the one-to-one coaches

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I have read the manual and also had access to wealth of videos… but they still do not explain how to do complex calculations. My questions are not basic, if they were then I would easily receive answers or at least references to older forum links. If I didn’t search the forums before posting I would be making 10x more posts, but it’s not the case. So we have to be bold and honest here, the bubble documentation sucks and I am willing to improve the documentation one day when I am proficient and skillful enough.

hmmm I think the point might be in respect to the way you are posing questions… Complex calculations may not be the correct term whereas updating a list of things is probably more appropriate to your original question. Explaining your hierarchy in written format as a question may not solicit much response as it’s difficult to interpret. I’ve seen people get greater responses to questions in the forum when they create an app with their scenario clearly set out or give access to their application… Saying that if you’re happy to pay you will get voracious support and a one-to-one coaching session with one of the experienced providers who offer their services.

If my other topic title where I originally posted the question is not clear let me know but I tried very hard to simplify the body of my question if you have time to read it.

I do not have any problem to share my app it’s already public but I’m not sure how anyone can help. Can they have access to the database structure?