I would like to change the element that is displayed when I click on the tab that is displayed in Repeating Group

We would like to express the following UI.

The difficulty point is that the number of tabs varies depending on the number of data.
In other words, there is a possibility of 10 Tab or 100 Tab.
Therefore, I want to display the Tab by Repeating Group, but in that case, I don’t know how to store in Custom state whether it is Tab1 or Tab2 that I want to display now.

Hi @hideyamiyazaki0037
Unless I’m missing something, this seems pretty straightforward.
You could display your tabs as a RG and then give the RG a custom state ‘active RG element’.
You use your field to display the different values in the custom state (title, number, etc.).
When you click on a tab, you change the value of the custom state.
Also, add a condition on your tab that says ‘if = custom state’ → change color.

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