Icon for a link?

Hi. New to bubble. Currently in the “hate it” stage, which is hopefully a temporary state…

Can anybody tell me why, in the bubble lessons, when you create a link in an RG the popup window gives the option “show an icon instead of text”:

but when I do it in my own website build (sorry - can’t call it an app. Apps are programs for mobiles!) the option isn’t there?

It’s stolen an hour of my life :frowning:

Typical. Within a minute of posting the question I find the answer - had to look at rich text editor first (I think, I’m not sure)

Aaaaannnnndddd…having magically made the “show an icon instead of text” option appear…it doesn’t even work and I can’t even get an icon visible on preview. SMH

I don’t understand why drawing an icon on the screen should be so difficult. Anyone got any idea why I can’t see it?

Did you ever figure this out? The “Show an icon instead of text” isn’t there for me either. The reference says it should be though (and I’ve seen it in an instructional video). https://bubble.io/reference#Elements.Link

Update… I converted a text element into a link element and the option appeared. Strange.

I know it’s frustrating. Sometimes not all of the options show up unless you remove the style.

Hope that helps! :blush:

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Many thanks! One of those weird things, especially since Bubble automatically attaches a style to the link element when you first create it. I imagine it’s been logged in a bug report somewhere.

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I don’t think it has been logged as a bug, you can give them feedback on it though. Sometimes they make the changes pretty quick. :blush:

This explanation saved me! I wasted an hour trying to figure this exact issue out. One of the few examples of really terrible design. I like Bubble so far, BUT THAT DUMB DESIGN NEEDS TO BE FIXED ASAP. It will absolutely waste avoidable time for beginners. Thank you again! J805!

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Hey @guy.blueoceans :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community! Sorry that was so difficult. Yeah, sometimes it’s the little things that make a huge difference. Glad I was able to help a bit. :blush: