Icon Not Clickable no matter what

I have an “Edit” icon that is supposed to load a PopUp where users can change their Username by triggering a Workflow. Trouble is, the icon appears to be Disabled even though it isn’t so the cursor doesn’t change from the arrow to show that it’s a clickable item and nothing happens when it’s clicked.

This is the icon next to my UserName field which currently holds value “JoeSmith”…

Screen Shot 2022-08-02 at 14.15.53

These are the settings for the icon. This is the only icon of two on the page that won’t “click”. The other one works as expected. I’ve only experienced this issue today and can’t see a reason why it won’t be clickable. There’s nothing hidden in a header that I’m aware of that’s extending down over it and I’ve used “Bring to Front” on it and “Send to back” on everything else so I can’t see why this should be.

Here are the properties…I can only think it might be a bug but I’m not sure.

Hi there, @joefarrowsmith… I will ask the obvious (but probably not-all-that-helpful) question… are you sure there is a workflow associated with the icon?



It definitely has a workflow attached to it?

If so, what does the debugger say?


OMG. I’m SO embarrassed. I’m convinced I had a “Make changes to a thing” attached to it…I even went through the inspector with a fine toothcomb…but…in the words of Ronald Reagan, if you’re explaining, you’re losing! Can I apologise for my stupidity and crawl into a big hole? You know, if you’re going to brainfart, why not brainfart as loudly as possible and in public.

Thank you for having a brain. People with those are rare in this office. etc etc

I’m genuinely blushing. Sorry!
At ease, gentlemen.


Pls see my response to @MikeLoc.
I’m mortified.

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