Fuzzy search optimization

I’m using Fuzzy search and autocorrect plugin, and i’m trying to make it light as possible for WU porpuses. Here are my settings, any help on how to make it lighter on WU calls? (i does not need to be instant results)

No the plugin element has to download the entire data source before it can filter client side. Fuzzy search is nice until you realize that one drawback :joy: If you can get away with standard search results with constraints, it helps if you store all lowercase versions of text to make more accurate results appear

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You mean bubble standard search? I mean i got all in Uppercase

Yea I mean if you can avoid fuzzy search plugin and a standard Do a search with the input box as your constraint that would be minimal WU usage. Just sometimes the Bubble search doesn’t play nice with misspelled words and stuff

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Yeah i dont need anything fancy, its just that my client is have huge WU spikes due fuzzy, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

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Yea whatever the data source is for the fuzzy search, picture that being downloaded to the client on every page load :flushed: