Ideas on how to reset RepeatingGroup sorted by Random?

Do you have an idea? Thank you for taking a look at this.

I have a repeating group showing vids/images that is SORTED BY RANDOM.
I would like to have a way that I can refresh/reset the RepeatingGroup (still sorted by random) without refreshing the page. This would mean that the RepeatingGroup would refresh and show all of the vids/images in a different/random order than when the page was initially loaded.

I have read up on this topic and the go to answer is to have the RepeatingGroup in a group and “Reset Data” of that group. This works great if you have modified the RepeatingGroup and you want it back to it’s original form however it does not work for what I am wanting.

Do you have any thoughts or a solution on how I can have a RepeatingGroup sorted by Random refresh and display the contents in a different random sorting?

Thank you in advance!

SORTED BY RANDOM - not very good, it returns the same value very often.
I developed my plugin so that it worked as required

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Thank you @lstk.kb I will look at your plugin. I tried refreshing the RG with the Display List however it does not refresh the random, it just keeps the RG at the same random value as when the page was refreshed/loaded. Thank you for your input!

@lstk.kb Your “Random Order Of A List” plugin worked perfectly. Thank you very much for creating it and also for your time today!
Have a fantastic day!!!

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