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Is there a Rich Text Editor that could offer this?

Hi Bubblers,

I started with Bubble a few months ago and I am trying to build an app that generates content with the help of AI (GPT-3).
I would need to use an RTE which could have the option to highlight text and display a customized menu with some specific commands (established by me), and when one of the buttons/ commands on this menu is clicked, the plugin should be able to extract the highlighted text and put it in the database so I can further process or use this text in different other workflows. Also, after my app uses this text to generate new content (example), I need to put the newly generated text under the highlighted text.
I think the below image is self-explanatory:

(this is from a different website but it’s exactly what I would like to have):
I mention that I’ve tried most of the RTE plugins built for bubble and couldn’t fine one that meets all the conditions (customizable menu, highlighted text grabber).

Thanks for your help!

I suspect that you would have to/be able to create such using Bubble’s native multiline input, custom buttons with regex commands inside them, and combined with certain plugins such as this one perhaps