Identity recognition

Good day everyone, How does identity verification works in bubble? Any idea on how it works is welcome and will be appreciated. Thanks

Hello, can you elaborate your question?

Are you referring to Bubble’s identity verification for users or do you want to build an identity verification to your bubble app?

Thanks for responding, How to implement it on my bubble app. I have an app that requires identity verification. Like verification of ID cards

Most, if not, all identity verification still requires manual work i.e. people in the backend checking the details of the person like matching the ID to the detail fields, or any other layer of verification.

If that’s what you want, you could do this:

Assuming you’ve already created the relevant data types for the details that you need, You could just create input fields for the user to input their names, address, IDs, or any detail that you want.

After your user has successfully submitted the details, you would then show this data to a dashboard or a page where you could review these details and approve them.

Approving would then equate to the user having access to the platform etc

Well said, this idea is very much welcome and I thought of it too, what about verifying the details?. What if the user input the wrong details, how do I verify to know if the details is correct or wrong?

Well, that depends on the detail that you want to verify. If by any chance, they didn’t pass your verification process, you could add a feature to reject their application and ask them to submit another one with the correct details

Thanks for your response

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You can try Stripe Identity