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If a user signs up using an email with "@whatever" , do something

Hi, I am trying to give users a special title if they sign up using some specific email domains (for example: or

I have the and domains in the DB saved as “special domains”

How can I set that conditional?

Using if input email “contains” do search for “special domains” is not working since “contains” also reads the part of the email that comes before the “@”, in that sense, the input email never matches to the “special domains” in the database.

Hey there @fcastillosa.apps,

I believe “contains” does work in your case even if it reads before the @ because contains checks the whole input value to see if any part of it includes your special domains.

Hope this helps! :blush:

You can use :extract on the input field and extract the domain of the email i.e. the part after @.