If app is deployed would 2 users or more be able to login at the same time?

Pretty much the title, I’m still new to this so I was wondering after creating 2 users for my app If an app was deployed, would 2 users or more be able to login at the same time?


Deployed means your site is now published on the web

That wasn’t my question, but thanks
Maybe I didn’t explain well my issue…

Hi @zakaria.houssam :slight_smile: Welcome to Bubble! Are you asking if 2 Users would be able to log into the same account at the same time? If so, yes - more than one person can be logged in on different computers/devices under the same account, without logging the other Users out.

However, if you only want one User to be logged into a particular account at a time, you can add the “Log Out Other User’s Sessions” action to the Login workflow, so it looks something like this:

This way, the Current User is logged in successfully, and anyone else who is logged into that same account is logged out. Here is the reference on this for more information:

Alternatively (if this was not your question! :slight_smile: ) Please let me know and I’ll adjust the answer!


Thanks for the response, those are good things to know. So if I understood well, this means 2 people or more can’t be logged in at the same time?( I mean each with his own different account)

Let’s say for example I’m making a chat app where each user have to be logged in with other users online eventually. Is it something it could be made with bubble?

In the opposite of your example, I don’t want a user to be logged out if another user get logged in.

Thanks in advance

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Ohh! Got it :slight_smile: Yes, a chat application is completely possible with Bubble! There is no limit on the amount of Users who can be logged in at the same time, and there is no limit to the amount of Users who can sign up for your app (a new User account ‘Thing’ is added to the database each time a User signs up for your app).

With Bubble, the more Users who are logged in at the same time, the more data searches and actions are running at the same time, the more capacity is being used, and that then affects the monthly price of that Bubble app, as your app scales. So, if your app is very popular and it is hitting max capacity consistently, that just means its time to add capacity (or restructure some data searches and workflows so they use less capacity, if possible). Here is more information:

In summary though, there is no limit :slight_smile:

*In the opposite example, you would leave the login workflows as they are, and they will just continue to log Users into that same account without logging anyone out.

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