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Multiple Facebook Logins

Hi, we are developing an app focused on business customers. Each business will have their own Facebook App. Our solution faces our customer’s customers (the end user). When the login to facebook, they are logging into different Facebook Apps.

Right now, the bubble plug-in for facebook login only allows one facebook app per bubble app. We need our bubble app to switch between different facebook apps for login so that the facebook user gets associated with the correct facebook app.

We could clone our app for each customer, but this is not scalable and creates a code maintenance nightmare. We thought about bypassing the bubble login mechanism and using FB javascript code to do the login. This gets us around the single facebook app issue but then bubble would be unaware of the login and all of the workflows we developed relying on the “logged in” states in bubble wouldn’t work.

So the answer we hope for is the ability to dynamically switch which facebook app a user is using during login.