If-Then-Calculations: How to?

Hi everybody,

I have a form via which a user inputs a number of values, including a money value. I want to change this money value if the another field contains certain values.

E.g.: if field1 = yearly then money_field = user_input / 12.

And I will probably have to store the result in the same thing but a different field, so not to lose the original value. Can anybody show me how I can do this?

You’ll want to use Conditions for that. In the dark gray floating property editor, it’s the middle tab at the top.

@andrewgassen is it possible to use conditionality on API workflows? Can’t find the tab you mention in those workflows, but perhaps there is another way.

The API workflows let you add conditions to the Endpoints and actions themselves, just like regular workflows let you add conditions (the “only when” input you see at the bottom)


So, it sounds like you’ll just need to create two separate actions (within an API endpoint) with different conditions so that only one of them runs when something is true.

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Thanks for the help. In the end, I decided to change the form and enable a simpler solution, even if it isn’t perfect.