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If/else in formula

What is the best way to have a conditional formula that changes the numeric value (not the element itself)? For example, I want to write a formula like below:
=IF(A=“yes”, then B+C, else B-C)


It is possible but not exactly how you are thinking about it. If you are trying to do it with an element on the page you can use multiple conditional statements. If you’re trying to do it through a workflow then you can use only if at the bottom of each item in the workflow. Also the top level of the workflow can have an only if statement. That means you can have two workflows for the same element but only activate each one if a certain condition is true.

You could have the initial value of the element (i.e an input element) as B-C, and then a conditional that ‘when A=yes’ then initial value is B+C…you could also use text element and have do the same logic for the text field.

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