Im having a hard time adding lists to other lists

Hi there,

I am having a problem adding lists to lists. Can anybody point a good tutorial for me?

Here is kind of what I want to do

A user has a list of bikes (and a list of other things too)
Under the list of bikes there are other lists like colors, tires etc
Underneath the colors, there are different finishes.

The page and workflow I want to have

Select bikes
Select colors
select finish

Im having problems adding colors to the bikes.

What’s your data structure? It’s not clear what you mean by ‘adding lists to lists’?

You mean you’re trying to add things to a list, and those things contain lists themselves?

In that case it should be simple, so perhaps you can clarify how your datatypes and fields are set up, and where the issue is.


Thanks for your response. I have attached some images.

What I really want to do is pass the current bike to the next page and add a bunch of extra items on the next page. I also want to be able to display data of that bike the user creates on the next page.

Without knowing how your database is set it’s difficult to say…

But I’m assuming that ‘Bike’ is a datatype, and so is ‘Colour’.

From the image above, you haven’t set a content type for you page ‘add colours’ so you can’t pass any data directly to that page (unless you use url parameters).

So make sure you set the content type for that page to ‘bike’ so that the page expects to de sent ‘bike’ data - then you can pass the ‘bike’ created in step 1 through to the ‘add colours’ page with the ‘go to page’ workflow action.

It’s not clear what you mean by ‘add a bunch of extra items’? What kind of items? And where/how are you intending to add them? And add them to what? (the ‘bike’ presumably?).

Your repeating groups on both pages are currently set up to display a list of ‘Users’.

I’m not sure what you’re trying to display in the repeating groups?

Users? Bikes? Or colours?

Whatever it is, you need to set that as the type of content for the repeating group, then define which ‘things’ of that datatype to display using the datasource input.

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