Trying to apply in repeating group fields an option from dropdown option

Hi there, i’m trying to show inside the repeating group a result from car models (API), filtered by a dropdown option that contain the car brand (another API) after choosing the option and click in the button “search”. Bellow you can see the desgin model that I’m proposing.

My Dropdown list already has the list of brands connected as you can see.

How can I choose one brand and show in the repeating group the models about this option choosed?

Thank you.

Hi there, @ivan.gobbato… if I understand your post correctly, it should be as simple as adding a constraint on the repeating group’s search where the model’s brand equals the brand selected in the dropdown. Oh, and you would likely want to check the Ignore empty constraints checkbox so all the models show when no brand is selected.

Hope this helps.


I copy what @mikeloc said.
Just to add something. If you would like to filter AFTER the search for a result from car models (API) has been made, you could to the following things:
(1) Load the data from the car models api into a repeating group hidden somewhere (pop-up for example) and then get the data for the repeating group from there with the constraints.
This way, whenever the user uses the dropdown it will work without initiating a new search.
(2) you could trigger a new search by a change of the dropdown value → In this case you would not need a Search button at all.
Just keep in mind: If there is a lot of data in the car models (API) (which I assume), you should probably try to use the dropdown constraint in the search, as @mikeloc explained.