Im having problems with email

Hi guys, i am having issues with sendgrid…

I want to send an reset password email to my users and i dont want the bubble branding in email.
I already linked Sendgrid to my app in settings but i cant send the email, i think the problem is in workflow…
I will send some images, hope someone can help me.

Did you add your send grid api keys to the plugin?

Yes, in the plugin i already added one api key…
The problem is that i dont know how to put the link of “reset_pw” page in new email.
I already put as a token but then i dont know what to do…

Hi mate so typically you’d want to use some kind of expression like this (if I understand you correctly)

In bold is dynamic expression

Websites home URLreset_pw?token=token

@boston85719 Might be able to advise me exactly what the parameter name is (not sure if it is token) or not, but you could easily send yourself a default password reset and find out that way.


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