Im really struggling trying to make my website fit on the page

it looks not centred on the website but it is in UI editor and it looks even worse on mobile someone please help ive tried watching videos but nothing works

Hi @conmce111 :wave:

There are several ways to do it… you need to see the one that fits you page layout and responsiveness.

One of them is:

  1. Set your page as a column;

  2. Place this whole text/elements inside a group;

  3. Align this group to the horizontal center of the column;

If you want to share your editor, we can take a look to help you.

hi there ive tried this but i cant move my elements they all go to the side but if i used fix then the screen has white gaps on the website

Take a look:

Live: Bubble | No-code apps
Editor: Teste | Bubble Editor

thanks, how can i fix this when i swipe right on mobile?

That looks like a “min-width” problem. Check to see if any of your elements are fixed width, or min width is higher than a mobile breakpoint.

min width is 0

Something is not right.
Can you share your editor so we can take a better look?

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