I'm restoring my app and it's taken >1 hour, 30 mins...and still going

I’ve opened our app in another tab and it still shows the old version (pre-restoration) so it’s clearly not completed yet. Wonder if it just didn’t work and I need to start again or something. But, I’m a bit reluctant since I don’t want to break anything and the back-end is a black box to me.

Anyone else experience this?

Anyone know a way to resolve this?

Are you restoring the app or restoring the data? They work slightly differently.

Restoring the app is an all-or-nothing operation. While it’s running, any changes to the app won’t get saved, and then it will change in one go. If you are able to make changes to the app in another tab that save (and persist across editor refreshes), it’s likely something went wrong, and you should try again. If this happens 3 or 4 times, open a bug report and we’ll investigate.

Restoring the data is an incremental operation… we don’t want to freeze data while a restore is going on in case users are still working with the site. We make the changes in chunks, so they’ll slowly become visible. The status should update across editor refreshes, so if you open the editor in another tab, you’ll see the progress bar of the restore if you try to restore again.


Thanks @Josh. We’re restoring the app. Knowing that it’s all or nothing frees me up to experiment and know that I won’t really mess something up.

A simple page fresh and then restart the process worked. Thanks again for the insights Josh.

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