I'm trying to create a list with Parent Groups, but it is not working

I am trying to create a list that will:

  1. List the item #(ex: 1,2,3)
  2. Dropdown option for my submittals
  3. The user that is signed up to task them with the submittals
  4. a due date for each one
  5. add documents button

I was told that using parent groups would work and it has worked for the dropdown and the user, but it won’t add the same user or option down the list, like I want it too.

I wan it to look like this and keep listing down

  1. Drug Free Workplace Sally Smith 02/04/23
  2. GC Contractor Sally Smith 02/14/23
  3. Drug Free Workplace John Smith 02/04/23

It keeps doing this and not adding the number on the left. Why is this happening?

Can you please share more details with screenshots or the setup of your repeating group?

How this numbers are generated and where they are located I mean are they coming from database or option set? Does each item has a number by default? Or there is a calculation when a new thing is created?

I am not using repeating groups, I am using parent Groups to make it.

Right now I have the number set as this

It works for the first one, but then it doesn’t go down as a list, it just keeps adding on to the first one
do you recommend using repeating grids to make that list as well as the list into our database?

You can use repeating group to work with any types of list.
In you database just add a field “Item Number” (field type number and do not check list type).
In your workflow when you are creating an item/thing do something like this (Itemnumber = do a search for dataname’s last item’s itemnumber+1). This will automatically increase the item number by 1.
Then use repeating group (data source > database) to display your database. In repeating group you will need to create Element (e.g. text element) to show the data inside the current cell the repeating group has. (insert dynamic data > current cell’s text)

and it will create a list that will go down?

I think so. You will need to have a field like Serial No. (SI No.). You can name it “ItemNo.” field type number.
You will need a repeating group to get all things in list format.
You will need a workflow like when a button is clicked it will create a thing. Please see screenshot below to understand how it works. You will need to add a number each time you create a new thing (Item).

If descending set to “yes”

Hope it helps.