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Image in Google Map Marker and Making it Clickable?

Let me know if you have issues, and will see if I can create an example somewhere, or you can make your app public for a short while.

Will do and thank you, I wouldn’t be able to work on it for another 20mins.

I will be back later, so maybe we can go with the 1st option :slight_smile:

How can I show two types of the marker on a single map? The exact scenario is that there is a list of markers which come from the database(it is done) and another is user’s current location. So how can I set this two different types of the marker on the same Google map?

Data dependent icons are available under “Customized Icon” on the Map Element’s editor.


However you will need the icon stored on the database, or passed in from an API (the above is the Google Places API icon).

NigelG. You are a wondrous man.