Image roundness

The image doesn’t go completely round despite putting the roundness all the way up. Instead it is an Oval, how do i fix this?

Group type: align to parent

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lol. Changed it to Fixed and it worked.

So… the new responsive design?


I just thought about it and a solution to make your roundness responsive is to use CSS.

Create a style for an element id that includes
border-radius: (element’s width ÷ 2)px;

It has some limitations cause you can only point to one element as a parameter with this method.

It’s just something that popped up in my head so I’m sure there is a better solution!

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Hi @JohnT

Have you tried to lock the width / height ratio to 1x1 ?

If the image is oval it’s probably because the height and the width are not equal at some point.



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