Images not updating on page navigation

On a thing’s page I recommend other related things. When I click a related thing the page data gets dynamically updated instead of the page refreshing. This would be fine, but the images of the thing I’m displaying in a carousel don’t get updated for some reason (using the Wonderful Image Slider plugin) and the page maintains it’s scroll position which is a weird experience. Is there any way to force the navigation to happen with a page refresh?

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You could try putting your elements in groups. Add an step in your workflow to reset the data in those groups.

So, when the click a related thing, it resets those groups… That should give the same effect as a page refresh.

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Ah let me try that!

Did putting it in a group and resetting the group work?

@giedraitis.mantas.21 This is the problem we are having :frowning: